cookiehead78 (cookiehead78) wrote in new_or_old,

Things that make you go hmmm

I am dating this guy for a month, going really well we are exclusive.  We were supposed to spend the whole weekend together-his idea.  He was so excited.  Last minute he says he wants to go snowboarding with his friend Lisa so he will be dropping me off at 5am on sunday.  Next thing I know he says he doesnt feel so good.  I told him if he doesnt feel well we can hang when he is feeling better..he said no no I want to see you.  But I feel like he is pulling away or some shit.  And who the heck is Lisa- should I be concerned or am I just having a case of the insecurities??  I just thought why didnt he invite me?? My response to him was to play it cool- I said ok but I want to go home sat night instead of sleeping at his house and  waking up at 5am to go home and that I will meet my friend out for her bday. (Which by the way he knew I couldnt see my friends because he bought me tickets to a show sat night)  Thought it was shitty to cancel plans on sunday especially to chill with another chick.  What is up with this shit???  Am I over reacting or do I have a right to feel bothered??  I want  him to do what makes him happy and to have a life besides with me so I dont care about him going, just we had plans and he is going just him and Lisa.  What you think?
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